Why are Neon Signs so Expensive?

Neon signs are the timeless classic of the lighting globe. Since they innovated in the 1920s, they have stayed prevalent worldwide. Even the story of trendy options like LED neon flex light signs has yet to steal their rumble completely.

The price of neon signs has also surprisingly stood the test of span. If you demand one, you should prepare a good-quality sign. This brings us to the query, why are neon signs so costly?

Understanding Neon Signs

Neon signs are occasionally more costly than choices like LED brightness. Both classic lights and LED signs corresponding to neon signs are widely available in dealers.

The more steps needed and keeping costs associated with less costly LED options are drawbacks. You must pay for the LED alternative’s illumination, acrylic container, maintenance, and other expenses. Besides, you’ll have to fear more about rays leaking from the sign and design solutions to prevent it.

Factors That Make Neon Signs Expensive

Nowadays that we have some knowledge and awareness of neon signs, let us zero in on pricing. Like all products, multiple aspects affect your spending on a neon sign. They contain:

1. The Components

The components used to create a neon sign are costly. As a result, neon sign engineers pass these expenses on to customers at a markup which results in higher costs. Furthermore, the price of the parts is broader than just buying them; handling them may equally be costly.

Materials like glass need lots of maintenance and human resources to transport. The list of elements includes:

Glass tubes: These are not just normal but lead glass tubes. They are soft enough to be developed into various sign forms but also very heat-resistant.

The transformer is the power source: That holds the sign lit. It has a particular case to protect the electric wires from outdoor factors like showers, snow, or pests.

Electrodes: are electrical conductors that supply electric current from the transformer to the glass gas. It is this current that animates the molecules of the gas to produce light.

Noble gases: A neon sign maker needs a collection of pure, noble gases to create well-illuminated neon signs. Toxic gas may emit insufficient lighting or an undesired color of light.

2. The Design

Neon customizable sign with unique forms, colours, and artistic components takes longer. Consequently, they will cost additional funds to buy and need more labour.

Plus, it’s less costly to make if you prefer an easy-to-manufacture or pre-made layout. A professional architect will also be required if you still need to execute a plan, improving the general cost. That’s why the redesign is why neon lamps are so costly.

3. High Production Costs

Once all the ingredients are assembled, the show boots off. Compared to different sign designs, creating a neon sign is quite complex. Instead, the glass tubes must be turned into the characters’ required forms or letters. This is done via several rounds of heating, moulding, and cooling. The electrodes are inserted into the included glass tubes before being loaded with neon gas.

So, how much does it cost to get a neon sign made? Costs vary from one surface to another. Regardless, each step noted above needs a technical workforce and takes considerable time. Aside from the crew and parts cost, sign makers incur additional energy bills. These costs accumulate to a significant sum. Large-scale production in big firms may lower costs due to economies of scale but only by a tiny margin.

4. Added features

Your signage will take longer to create and use more additional resources if it has different elements like waterproofing, backlighting, or halo lighting. Expenses quickly increase as an outcome of this. Select the finest choice for your needs after choosing where to put your sign.

Are There Low-budget Neon Signs?

Yes. There are workarounds that you could study to trim down the price of your neon sign. This is not to express you will get it for half the cost, but even a tiny margin could make a distinction. Here are cost-reducing ideas worth thinking about.

  • Order small to medium neon signs – Aim for small to medium-sized plans if your spirit is set on using a neon sign. If they are well-lit and correctly promoted, they could give you just as much visibility and create as much of a mention as a big sign. More significantly, you will expend much less.
  • Opt for in-stock designs – also understood as ready-made neon signs. They are better inexpensive than customized designs, and you can have them installed instantly.
  • Compare sign makers- ask for neon sign price quotations from other sign makers and consider them against each other. Evaluate the rate of their work as well as their prices. Aim for the sign maker with the most appropriate balance of pace and cost.

Are Neon Signs Expensive to Run?

The keeping costs of an outdoor neon sign will be higher than those of an outdoor sign. Outdoor signals are more prone to meddling by passersby or happenings of destruction. Insects, such as dirt mites, are also dangerous. Severe weather situations, such as heavy rainfall or snow, can damage the sign. There is also insect damage. Indoor signs are reasonably harboured and can stay in good shape for longer.

Keeping costs, like neon sign prices, vary from one sign to another. Improving or carrying out keeping checks on a neon sign can be costly. Technicians must exercise much notice and have top-skill accuracy lest they damage the glass tubes. Orientation to the gas in a neon glass tube can also damage their health, mainly if it is an old mercury sign.

Are There Alternatives to Traditional Neon Signs?

Fortunately, yes, there are. If you like a neon sign that is way better, cheap, produces the same aesthetic, and is more comfortable to hold, believe in getting a LED neon sign. Most individuals may never notice that it is not a classic neon sign, but your chequebook will surely be thankful.

LED Neon Signs

LED neon signs are made by climbing LED neon flex lights onto a backboard.

The lamps are jacketed in elastic silicone coating, so they can efficiently be bent into various shapes and letters. A template is needed to show the sign maker to set the light strip. The clarity of this method makes it cheaper to produce LED neon signs and more reasonable for buyers.


Neon signs are a lot like vintage automobiles; amazing designs with excesses of fashion and unpaired traditional charm. The challenge, regardless, is that occasionally vintage samples have a hard time maintaining up with the needs of the current world. They are also definitely costly and harder to preserve. Yet, now that you comprehend why neon signs are so expensive, maybe you may begin to relish them more. However, if they are exceeding your budget, you could analyze LED neon flex manufacturers and discover what they have to deliver.

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