Is It Bad to Wind a Watch Backwards

Have you wound your watch backwards and now wonder if you did the good thing? Is it wrong to wind a watch backwards?

If yes, then you are reading the correct article. In this article, I will tell you whether it is terrible to wind your watch backwards and if it is ok to set a look back. Not only this, but I will also inform you if you can incorporate a watch too much or not.

What Happens When You Wind A Watch?

To know whether it is wrong to wind a watch backwards or not, let us first understand what occurs when you incorporate a clock.

There are majorly two types of watches:

  1. Quartz watches that are powered by quartz actions
  2. Mechanical watches that are powered by automatic actions

Winding is required only in Mechanical watches. And these watches are additionally divided into automatic and manual winding watches. These types of watches require winding to keep running. But the query is why they need winding and what occurs when we wind them.

Mechanical motions have a mainspring (an internal watch part) that is liable to keep the movement running. When you wind the watch, this mainspring gets tucked repeatedly. And when it unfolds, it results in the direction of the whole watch movement, which further forces the clock to run. Therefore mechanical watches require winding to keep running.

Is It Bad To Wind A Watch Backwards?

The solution to this is both a Yes and a No. Winding a watch backwards can and cannot harm your look, depending on the make and model of the eye.

The watch’s movement is created so the mainspring gets wounded in a particular direction and unwounded differently. So when you mistakenly wind the clock, it will result in the mainspring unfolding.

This is not good because the watch will run out of juice shortly. And if the eye is fully unwounded when turning the crown in a counter-clockwise direction, the mainspring could get damaged. Also, the wear and tear among the watch parts will improve if they move in the opposite direction they are built to work.

Regardless, modern watches come with an inbuilt mechanism that auto-cuts the association between the movement and the crown when a look is incorporated in the anti-clockwise direction. So, even if you turn the crown wrong, nothing will occur to your watch. But if you own a vintage look, it is likely a bad idea to wind it backwards.

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Is It Ok To Wind An Automatic Watch Backwards?

Yes, it is ok to wind an automated watch in an anti-clock directive. Because all the automatic mechanical watches these days arrive with a disengagement system. The work of this method is to disengage the crown process from the watch’s movement to stop any damage to the look. The watch movement will only start when the crown is rotated in the right direction.

If you want, you can make use of a watch winder pack. It will keep your automatic watch winded correctly, and you’ll never have to worry about the right or wrong way to wind your mechanical watch.

Can You Wind A Watch Too Much?

Yes, you can wind a watch too much, and it can get hurt if you do so since the mainspring gets tucked whenever you rotate the crown, so it can get hurt if you keep winding it when it is fully folded.

Now the question that must arise in your mind is: How do you know when to stop winding a watch?

If you begin feeling resistance in the crown movement while rotating, the watch is fully wounded and should contain.

Regardless, watches these days come with an auto-cut mechanism that holds the watches from getting over wounded. So if you keep a modern-day look, you do not have to worry about winding the watch too much. But if you own a vintage watch, you should be careful in incorporating it.

Frequently Asked Question

Never turn the hands of a clock backwards. Whilst it is possible on some clocks, on others it will cause expensive damage to the striking mechanism. Always allow each strike and chime to complete before turning the hands forwards again.

Changing the time by winding the hands backwards will not damage your watch but it can affect the date shown (for the MB range) and so we recommend that you change the time by moving it forwards, not backwards.

Do you wind the stem back and forth or in one direction? You should only wind the stem of the watch in one direction. Clockwise, or forward is the proper direction that winds the watch. It doesn’t effect the mechanics if you wind the stem in the opposite direction.


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