How to Analyze Cryptocurrency Using Fundamental Analysis

Investing in cryptocurrencies requires detailed research and evaluation of all general metrics. Cryptocurrency investing can be a fantastic way to diversify investments, but gathering out which cryptocurrency is right and which isn’t can be challenging. To make an informed investment decision, knowing how to analyze cryptocurrency is essential.

1. Review The White Paper

Most crypto tasks provide a white paper, which helps clarify the objectives and technical elements of the cryptocurrency. While some white papers may contain technical phrasing not understood by investors, it is essential to read through the article to learn about the concept of a project.

The white paper should represent the project’s objectives, how their technology will contact them, and how the

cryptocurrency will perform. Most white papers describe a problem being solved with the start of the currency itself, and this problem and solution should be evident to investors. A red flag on any crypto project is a paper full of generic contracts without details.

2. Research The Team

Cryptocurrencies are typically constructed by a team of inventors and software developers that help make the solution to a problem. To better understand how a project could execute, research the professional experience of the project team.

Cryptocurrencies are typically constructed by a team of inventors and software developers that help make the solution to a problem. To better understand how a project could execute, research the professional experience of the project team.

Cryptocurrencies are typically constructed by a team of inventors and software developers that help make the solution to a problem. To better understand how a project could execute, research the professional experience of the project team.

3. Learn About The Leadership

Most crypto projects have a clearly defined organizational team that handles the idea, execution, financials, and marketing of the company. Understanding who is running a cryptocurrency team can give an account of the possibility of project success.

Here are a few questions to ask when researching a crypto company’s leadership:

  • Do they have a record of successful administration positions?
  • Are they reputable/well-known leaders?
  • Do they have a record in the crypto industry? Is it good or bad?
  • Are they public-facing or anonymous?

While some projects with anonymous founders have succeeded, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, others have committed fraud and destroyed a project like Wonderland.34 Learn about the leadership team before investing in cryptocurrency.

4. Get To Know The Community

Cryptocurrency is a community-driven technology that needs a robust and supportive community to grow. Knowing about a cryptocurrency community can help you measure whether a project will succeed or if it is pure advertisement and belief.

Joining the society Discord or Telegram channel can help you learn more about the community of a given cryptocurrency and get your questions answered about the project itself. If there is a large community base that is well-organized and often promotes the project, this could be a sign of a growing cryptocurrency. This is a red flag if there is light engagement and no substantive debate on community platforms.

5. Understand The Technology

Cryptocurrencies are a new technology designed to enhance financial services and solve financial problems. Crypto projects are built on blockchain technology, but many inventions and conflicts exist in how they function.

Understanding how the technology is being used to solve customer problems and how creation will help grow adoption will give an understanding of the likely growth of a cryptocurrency. While some technical aspects may be too complicated to grasp, the cryptocurrency white paper or website should be able to explain the solution in simple language that is easy to understand.

6. Understand The Vision

Cryptocurrencies should have a clear concept of what objectives they are setting out to achieve, with a specified road map of how they will get there. This should be readily attainable in the crypto white paper and company website. The concept of a crypt project should give adequate facts for investors to understand what problems they are solving and the possible user base for their explanation.

If a company website comments on simple axioms such as “cryptocurrency is the future”, it cannot define or express a clear vision for how the cryptocurrency solves a specific user problem, which is a red flag.

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analysis cryptocurrency

7. Review The Road Map

The company roadmap of a cryptocurrency is a timeline of occasions that shows the expected advancement of the project. Generally shown on a line graph, the road map should have clear and brief milestones moving the project toward a predefined set of purposes.

The road map may be available in the white paper, though most crypto project timelines are ever-changing and are listed on the company website. This is a red flag if no defined road map or the milestones are too generic.

8. Research Reputation

There are tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies, and unfortunately, some of them are frauds created to get the creators (and early investors) rich. Exploring the team’s reputation and oversight of a cryptocurrency can help investors understand whether or not the crypto project is reputable.

There are several sites to know about the prominence of a cryptocurrency project, from Reddit forums to Discord channels. Ask around these online communities to get a sense of the industry prominence of fundamental supervisors on the project and the perception of that project. If there are many negative responses to questions about a key leadership member of the project, this could be a red flag.

Reputation is also appointed by researching who is investing in a project. If honorable investors are already on board and have institutional backing, the project may have a greater chance of victory.

9. Learn the Tokenomics

The term “tokenomics” refers to a cryptocurrency’s allocation, circulation, and total supply. This is important, as it influences the overall price of a cryptocurrency over time. Similar to shares of stock in a publicly traded company, the price of a given cryptocurrency reflects supply and demand.6 The more shares there are, the more demand there ought to be to increase the price.

Here are three critical data points to review before sponsoring any cryptocurrency:

  • Circulating supply. This is the supply of a cryptocurrency currently in the market and what current prices are based on.
  • Total supply. This is the total supply of a given cryptocurrency after all tokens are unclosed and dispersed.
  • Maximum supply. Many cryptocurrencies permit the minting of new tokens; the whole collection is the total amount of tickets that will ever be minted.

All three of these statistics can significantly affect the price of a given cryptocurrency, so understanding supply is essential for cryptocurrency investors.

Crypto projects are also infamous for an uneven allotment of tokens, meaning that the token supply is low at launch and increases substantially over time. This can generate a considerable drop in price as the new tickets saturate the market. Checking the token unlock program can help investors understand how the tokens will be distributed and to whom.

10. Review The Price Data

Crypto prices are known to swing up and down immensely, but many factors cause this. Token supply, project milestones, and many other factors can significantly impact the price of a shared cryptocurrency.


Despite its differences from the approach applied to fundamental analysis in traditional markets, the resources available for the cryptocurrency market concerning how to analyze cryptocurrency have been steadily expanding.

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