7 Simple Home Remedies For Blackhead Removal

Are you searching out Home Remedies For Blackhead Removal? So many of us are tormented by the annoying blackheads, the small dark or black spots on the face. Though they are usually found on the nose and around the cheeks, their formation is not confined to the face independently. Blackheads can be found on different body parts like the chest, shoulders, back etc.

Even though blackheads are not scary or painful per se, they can still be annoying. Since they are uneven and dark in appearance, they stop the skin from being fluffy and perfect and can thus be annoying.

Causes of Blackheads

A calmer form of acne, blackheads are caused due to blocked hair follicles. They result due to overactive sebaceous glands. Dead skin, pollutants and dirt drop into the pore to stop it. As the glands build more oil, more and more pores become blocked.

If the pore is covered with skin, it seems like a white head. However, when it is exposed to the air, it reacts to take the black color and hence is directed as a blackhead.

Specific elements increase the probability of obtaining them. People suffering from oily skin or those experiencing hormonal changes that increase the oil productivity on the skin are more sensitive to them. Acne-causing bacteria, too, promotes blackheads.

Effective Home Remedies For Blackheads Removal

There are several different therapy options for blackheads. Various creams and masks state to remove blackheads. Some people having a more steady form of acne might need medication. Manual removal is also done. However, many unconditional people execute this procedure, directing to scars etc.

Moreover, as they are caused majorly by oil and dead skin, many people are seduced to scrub their skin energetically to make the blackheads vanish. However, this only makes the problem more threatening. Facial skin should always minister gently.

Similarly, picking at blackheads may also frustrate them. Some skin products make the problem more deficient by clogging pores. So, secure you only use non-comedogenic (non-pore blocking) products on your skin.

There are also specific home therapies for blackheads. These are cost and time-effective solutions that are primarily secure and include natural components. However, patch testing should always be done to bypass any undesirable results.
The best home remedies for blackheads have been collected below:

1- Bentonite Clay Mask

Clay masks are excellent for blackheads and can be used weekly. Bentonite clay is a powerful detoxifier and is known for its skin-clearing effects. It is rich in minerals and handles four leading causes of blackheads: oil production, bacteria, lifeless skin cells, and blocked pores. This is because the clay is very spongy.

Mix a little bentonite clay with water to design the mask and use it on your skin. Please wait for it to dry, and then rinse off with lukewarm water. It will draw out all the contaminants that clog the pores and lead to blackheads. It also has exfoliating properties to prevent destroyed skin cells.

2- Skin Gritting

Rub your skin with oil, use a clay mask, and then rub oil again. This blackhead removal method works like a pleasure. Ideally, a charcoal mask works nicely to draw out contaminants from the skin.

Your pores will be oiled the first time you wash with oil. After that, the mask will bring oil to the exterior. Using an oil cleanser again will prevent blackheads.

3- Honey, Sugar, And Lemon Scrub

You can make our exfoliator with sugar, honey, and lemon. Mix all these and exfoliate your face with the DIY scrub using circular movements. Make sure you scrub very gently.

You can use it for blackheads on your nose and chin. This scrub can also be applied for 5 minutes. Wash off after 5 minutes with lukewarm water and apply a good moisturizer afterwards.

However, be careful not to rub the skin too much, as that is not helping to promote perfect skin. Over-exfoliation can also improve oil production and thus worsen the issue. Some people might have upset skin due to the acidic lemon juice.

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4- Egg Whites

Egg whitewash is perfect for making a DIY peel-off mask. This will help draw out the dirt and the blackheads, departing visibly more transparent skin in the aftermath.

Take the white of one egg and whisk it. Use it to clean skin—layer tissue paper all over your face except the eyes and mouth. Reapply the egg whites. Let the mask dry, which takes around 20 minutes generally. Once it is dry, skin it off.

5- Baking Soda

Mix baking soda and water in equal ratios. Use this paste to scrub your face lightly. Wash off with lukewarm water. Baking soda is a fantastic physical exfoliant; it removes oil, dirt, and other pollutants. However, since it can be over-dried, use this paste at most twice a week.

These blackhead home treatments are a unique and short way to chase away the problem. Follow these with good facial hygiene practices, like washing your face in the morning and at night with a soft cleanser. Clean your face after consuming oily food so your skin does not soak this oil.

However, those suffering from acne might have more problems with blackheads. They might need a dermatologist if these remedies do not work for them.

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6- Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil can stop bacterial growth. Tea tree oil is a critical oil fetched from the ends of branches and leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia tree belonging to the family Myrtaceae. Tea tree oil has antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties that help combat bacteria, viruses, and free radicals. That’s how it can be helpful in several skin conditions.

NOTE: Do not take tea tree oil orally. It is poisonous if taken orally at higher doses.

  • To use the blackhead-busting effects of the tea tree, add some cotton and a few drops of tea tree oil to the cotton ball.
  • Wipe it all over the blackheads and leave it on for as long as possible.

7- Green Tea

 Green tea is an antioxidant. The oil production in your skin can be relieved with the help of wet green tea leaves. Green tea has several health advantages. The health blessings are mainly due to the polyphenols in green tea. It is an antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral that helps combat bacteria, viruses, and free radicals.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I remove blackheads at home fast?

Exfoliating with baking soda or sugar and lemon works well to remove blackheads from your nose. Make sure you thoroughly clean your face to remove any excess oil and then steam your face to open up your pores.

Applying lemon juice on your face may help remove dead skin cells and clear blackheads. Using a cotton swab, apply fresh lemon juice to clean skin, concentrating on the blackhead area, at night. Leave this overnight and rinse it off in the morning with warm water. Try this remedy for a week.

Blackheads form when a hair follicle in the skin becomes clogged or plugged. Dead skin cells and excess oil collect in the follicle’s opening, which produces a bump. If the skin over the bump opens, the air exposure causes the plug to look black, thus forming a blackhead.


You can easily use all of these natural home remedies For blackhead removal. You would not have to fear the black bumps for another day! Don’t let the dirt linger around!

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